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Scholarship Essay Tips

Prepping and paying for college can be a difficult task, but there are many scholarships out there waiting to be earned by students like you!

It is good to take chances on national scholarships, but look and build up on local scholarships! They are more likely to win because there is a smaller application pool. We have many on our page and more coming, but also ask your teachers, churches, local businesses, VFWs, and school counselors for help in finding these. Here's some tips as you begin writing your essays!

Plan Ahead!

Senior year can get hectic! Many scholarships are due in the spring when other activities such as prom, graduation, trips, and college commitments are occurring. Planning ahead and scheduling allows you to put your best foot forward in applications and have a greater chance of winning!

Show, Don't Tell!

In your essays, show what you have done rather than telling. Use actual examples of your activities and achievements like below:

"I am a hard-working leader."- NO

"As president of my debate club, I had to plan meetings and aid the members on our journey to the state competition."-YES!

Ask for help!

Your teachers, counselors, and staff are able to help you with the endeavors of the scholarship process including recommendations, transcripts, and even proofreading your essays.

Good luck with those scholarships!!

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