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Writing a Resume 

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Resume DO's

  • Be Concise!

  • Emphasize leadership experiences, tangible skills, and achievements

  • Keep it to one page with 0.5-1" margins and a 12 pt. standard font like Times New Roman

  • Create a professional image (for example, you should not list you email as

  • Include your intended degree and related coursework, even if you haven't graduated yet! 

  • Include dates and list tasks in chronological order with the most recent experience listed first

  • Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation

  • Mention volunteer and community service experiences

  • Use action verbs when describing your work

  • Focus on what makes you stand out

Resume DONT's

  • Don't undersell yourself!

  • Avoid any personal information about yourself other than contact information

  • Avoid listing every duty or task you performed in a previous job; keep it relevant! 

  • Don't use distracting fonts or designs

  • Don't shrink the font below 10pt. or the margins below 0.5"

  • Don't go longer than one page

  • Don't excessively abbreviate words or use little-known acronyms

  • Don't write subjective statements or use personal pronouns (I, my, etc.)

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