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Towson Univ. Northeastern Md. seeking business, community partnerships

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

As part of the rollout of the Harford Chamber of Commerce's brand-new CONECT program, Towson University in Northeastern Maryland (TUNE) is looking for business and community partnerships, including guest speakers and internship opportunities for students working toward a degree.

If you are a business or community organization interested in working with TUNE and its students in the below majors, please use the contact information listed to find out more.

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: Students in the Leadership and Management Concentration are required to complete an internship with a business, government organization or nonprofit. Contact mvbehm@towson.edu or call 410-704-6163 for more.

COMMUNICATION STUDIES: Looking for relevant business, government, and community partners willing to be a guest-speaker, offer internship opportunities, and mock job interview opportunities. Contact ccooper@towson.edu or call 410-704-4012 for more.

FAMILY AND HUMAN SERVICES: Students in this major working in the "Services to Children and Youth" track are looking for relevant internship opportunities and classroom guest speakers. Contact dhall@towson.edu or 410-704-4012 for more.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Students in this major working toward their bachelor of science are in need of internship opportunities with business, government, and nonprofit agencies. The Information Technology department is also looking for individuals who would be interested in serving as a capstone client, providing a small-group student project. Contact shilberg@towson.edu or call 410-704-5277 for more.

SOCIOLOGY: The Sociology department is seeking individuals from local businesses and agencies with experience in the field to serve as a classroom guest speaker. Students pursuing a bachelor's with a concentration in criminal justice are also seeking relevant local internship opportunities. Contact jskinner@towson.edu or call 410-704-2927 for more.

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