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  • Heather Murphy

Manufacturing in Maryland

One could argue that manufacturing, as of recent, has been plagued with an unfortunate identity crisis- long gone are the days of "dirty" jobs and arduous physical labor. Yet, the images of dusty assembly lines and individuals standing for hours on end just to earn a small wage linger and do not tell the story of manufacturing in the 21st century or the future.

Technological innovation has truly revolutionized the manufacturing industry. What was once thought to destroy it altogether has really breathed new life into processes, outputs, and careers. Thus, it is crucial to re-educate our world, and especially our youth, to the great potential that careers in manufacturing and technology can offer.

One of the leading advocates and resources for the industry is the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland (RMI), which recently collaborated with Maryland Public Television (MPT) to produce the Made in Maryland multi-episode program, highlighting manufacturing companies and achievements right here in our state. To read Dr. Michael Galiazzo's insights, President of RMI, and find the link to the first episode visit

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