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Harford County Chambers Scholarship

The Harford County Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation is providing scholarships to high school seniors and adults pursuing higher education or training. To apply all required documents must be included documents and application that can be emailed to info@harfordchamber.org with the subject line “Scholarship Application 2021″. Scholarship applications are due April 2nd, 2021. You can send screenshot of the student’s credits and grades with their name clearly on the page, in place of an official transcript, but please be advised you may be asked to provide an official transcript before an award is finalized. For forms and more information you can visit the scholarship section.

Click the following link for info: https://harfordchamber.org/resources/scholarships-education-foundation/

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Chamber Organized Network for Education and Career Training

CONECT is dedicated to connecting Harford County students, employers, and educational institutions for the purpose of creating a highly skilled workforce.

Inquiries should be directed to harfordconect@harfordchamber.org

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