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Apprenticeship Maryland Needs You!

It is our goal to develop a talented workforce that will lead Harford County into the future and we want to you join us in the endeavor!

Apprenticeship Maryland is a youth-based apprenticeship program for high school students looking to enter the workforce upon graduation. Students are hired by a local business to work in and learn about the industry. Upon graduation, these students receive a certificate from the Department of Labor and can be hired full-time by the business they worked for, providing the businesses with a new, personally-trained employee.

Harford County is looking to grow this opportunity and we need your help! If you are a business that can hire a student at minimum wage for 450 hours (to be completed over the course of the program) please reach out to Joe at This is open to any industry, but there is high demand for IT, hospitality, and architecture. If you are able to provide on the job training, that is a bonus! If not, the schools will work with you to provide the students with needed education.

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