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Interview Tips 

Zoom Tips

Beat The Nerves

Dressing for an Interview (Men)

Dressing for an Interview (Women)

If you identify as non-binary or prefer gender-neutral clothing, check out this article on dressing for an interview

College/University Interview Tips

Practice With a Mock Interview 

Sample Answers

Questions for YOU to

Etiquette Tips


  • Be respectful of everyone's time and arrive 5 minutes early

  • Always send a thank you note (whether hand written or email)

  • If you are not sure how to address someone, go with the more formal option

When In Person

  • Introduce yourself! Shake the other person's hand and speak confidently

  • Avoid personal topics such as religion or politics

  • Do not dominate the conversation. Actively listen to others

  • Always thank the people you are talking with when you leave! 


  • Enter the call muted and with your camera off. Turn your camera on after being admitted to the meeting

  • Turn your video off and mute if you need to step away

  • Make sure your first and last name are entered with proper capitalization and use a professional profile picture


  • Use a professional greeting 

  • Do not use any abbreviations (lol, tbh) or slang 

  • Thank the person at the end and sign your full name

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