How to Write a Resume 

A resume is your chance to impress a potential employer and convince them that they should bring you in for an interview. Your resume will likely be scanned rather than thoroughly read, so you want to be concise. Remember, you may be judged in only a few seconds based on the beginning of your resume, so make it count! 

Resume DO's

  • Concisely highlight tangible skills and achievements

  • Emphasize leadership experiences

  • Keep it to one page with 0.5-1" margins and 12 pt. font (exception if you are applying to a teaching

  • position, where a longer resume is acceptable)

  • Use a standard font like Times New Roman, Calibri, Helvectia, or other serif fonts

  • Make sure the phone number you use as a contact has a professional voicemail greeting

  • Create a professional image (for example, you should not list you email as

  • If you're in college, include your intended degree and related coursework, even if you haven't graduated yet

  • Use correct spelling and grammar

  • Mention volunteer and community service experiences

  • Use action verbs when describing your work and volunteer experiences 

  • Focus on what makes you stand out

  • If applicable, include hyperlinks to articles, journals, or other sources that support your listed leadership and community experience

Resume DONT's

  • Don't undersell yourself

  • Avoid any personal information about gender, sexuality, political beliefs, etc. unless specifically applicable to the position 

  • Avoid listing every duty or task you performed in a previous job (exception is for those going into teaching)

  • Don't use distracting fonts or designs

  • Don't shrink the font below 10pt. or the margins below 0.5"

  • Don't go longer than one page (exception is for those going into teaching)

  • Don't excessively abbreviate words or use little-known acronyms

  • Don't write subjective statements or use personal pronouns (I, my, etc.)

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