Etiquette Tips 

​1. ALWAYS send a hand written thank you note as a follow up
2. Be respectful of the other person's time, show up to a meeting or phone call 5 minutes early
3. When you aren't sure how to address someone, go for the more formal way of addressing them

In-person Events

1. When introducing yourself firmly shake the other person's hand and speak confidently
2. Avoid topics that are too personal if just meeting someone (ie. religion, relationship status, or controversial politics)
3. Appropriate topics to discuss include the organization of the person you are speaking to, industry news, current events, asking for advice from the individual about your purpose for networking, and other general topics.
4. Do not dominate the conversation, whether one on one or in a group. 
5. Always thank the person that you were talking to when you are finished and shake their hand again.

Video Call

1.Enter the room muted and with your camera off.
2.Turn your camera on when others in the room start to turn theirs on. 
3. If for any reason you need to get up or step away from the call turn your video off, turn it back on when you return
4. Make sure your name is your first and last name with proper capitalization
5. Use an appropriate and well lit picture of just you (no friends) incase you need to turn your camera off it will still look professional
6. Do not interrupt anyone, wait for everyone to stop talking. If appropriate use the chat or "raise hand" feature

1. Greet the person formally (Hello, Mr. Brown,)
2. Use complete sentences
3. Do not use texting abbreviations (lol, btw, or tbh)
4. Thank the person at the end 
5. Sign your full name